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Youth Travellers Times Arts Award project


What advice would you give? Charlotte,12 “Even though I met all the Traveller Times people I was a bit worried it would be boring and like …

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Strategies for inclusive and impactful participation


Reaching In: What we have learned in 2021 about making children’s participation inclusive and impactful

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What did we do

We trained young people in Japan as researchers. They did art activities and interviews with other disabled children and young people. We analysed the findings together. We compared the way Japan and the UK are with children’s participation and rights for people with disabilities. We reported to the UN Committee.

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Japan and the UK




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What did we do

We delivered a comprehensive, multi- and inter-disciplinary assessment of the needs and opportunities for young people in the Cluj metropolitan area, guided by an ecosystem view and oriented towards future initiatives stemming from the results of the assessment. The project will deliver an evidence-informed, tech-enabled repository of data, actors and initiatives in the areas of health and well-being, and education and future of work in the Cluj metropolitan area, with a participatory and inclusive approach. Different aspects of the research and the formulation of policy proposals were provided through participatory mechanisms involving young people and stakeholders, too. Data and proposals are put at the base of future action in the Cluj Metro Area during a 10-year lifespan.

LEAP project website:
Overall presentation of the project (144 seconds):
LEAP research report:
LEAP data repository with report and all underlying background documents:
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Contact: András Farkas, PONT Group (

The place is called:

Cluj-Napoca and Cluj Metro Area, Romania




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Reviewing and Sharing


Throughout our activities we reflect on ourselves, inclusiveness and how the other people we work with are responding. Reflecting on ourselves involves: Tuning in to our …