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The Reaching In Approach


A briefing note about collaborative commissioning and shared leadership of inclusive, impactful and sustainable participatory processes 

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Participative group with children in alternative care


What advice would you give to other people running participatory projects with and for children? We would definitely encourage other organization that work with children from …

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Roads from the Past GRT Animation project


What advice would you give? We know that sometimes young Gypsies and Travellers don’t feel comfortable in school so we thought we should spend some time …

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Traveller Times Talks Vlogging


What advice would you give? Data is a problem for lots of young people so make sure you have enough resources to buy data cards etc. …

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Youth Travellers Times Arts Award project


What advice would you give? Charlotte,12 “Even though I met all the Traveller Times people I was a bit worried it would be boring and like …

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Maximising Credibility


This is advice on how to make sure your research can tell convincing stories. It was cocreated with PAC

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Peer Research and Social Action


How young people can use peer research to help create change

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Youth Travellers’ Times


Young people helped create a youth media output

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Rights of children in alternative care – filling the gap through peer research


What is your advice to people wanting to strengthen children’s participation in parliaments? To have functional children’s participation in parliament or government decisions, it is important …

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Children’s Rights Day 2021


Advice on children’s participation: The children involved are the main actors, meaning all the adults are the spectators. Within committees where parliamentarians are present, it is …