The Reaching In Approach

A briefing note about collaborative commissioning and shared leadership of inclusive, impactful and sustainable participatory processes 


Some groups of children tend to be left out of local, national and international government decision-making.

  • Even when children’s ideas are listened to, often there is no sign of action or change as a result of what they have said.
  • In some places, countries and organisations are trying to do better.

So, as part of Reaching In, we have been experimenting with ways of reaching in to groups of children in the most marginalised situations and helping their concerns and wishes reach in to government decision making.

The programme has focused on children’s concerns that relate to the European Child Guarantee – social exclusions and free early childhood education and care, free education (including school based activities and at least one healthy meal each school day), free healthcare, healthy nutrition, adequate housing.

Read The Reaching In Approach to find out about what we think works as a way of working collaboratively across generations and organisations.

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