Children and young people are participating in research to open people’s minds to differences.


We are UCan, a young research group for 10 to 25 year olds. We work with The University of Central Lancashire to create and carry out research on issues that we care about. Through this website we are reaching out to other people involved in research by and with children and young people. We want to build wider networks and shared ideas. Please contribute your evidence, advice or stories of impact here.

  • Evidence of children and young people’s views, experiences and recommendations
  • Advice about how you work with other people to achieve your goals
  • Impact that has been achieved through children’s participation

Want to be involved in research?

We want to link with young researchers and academics internationally, to decide on and follow new research goals. In 2022, when we know more about who wants to join this project, we will invite membership. Members will be able to Log in to discussions. Or use the app to report your content. The website will be available in multiple languages as the project develops and we gain more funding.

Want to use research to make change?

Reach out and tell us about opportunities to help achieve improvements in communities, services, policy and law. Feedback how you have or will use our evidence to improve awareness, communities, services, policy or laws.

Click CPIP@UCMC2 to visit our pilot website on children’s involvement in public decision making

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