Brewing a research project

Peer Researchers from the Peer Action Collective worked with Ali Roy and Cath Larkins to create this guide to how to move from general research interests to a doable research project


This video was cocreated with PAC peer researchers who were just finishing their pilot research projects focused on violence. They call the pilots ‘pancake projects.’ Play the video here:

This is the activity in the film.

Give everyone in your group four large post it notes and a pen. Sit by yourself for 15 mins and write something about each of questions: 

  • What did we learn in the pilot project? 
  • Which bits supported things we knew already? 
  • Which bits were new or different? 
  • What worked well about: 
    • Our research focus? 
    • Our specific questions? 
    • Our methods/ approach – how we did it? 
    • Our sample – the people we spoke to? 
    • The places we did our research? 
  • What didn’t work well? 
  • What would help us find out more next time? 

 When you have done this, put them on a board and work through each response and discuss it.  

 This now gives you new source material for your topic tray to help you decide on the focus on your full peer research project (Brew 2).

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