Creating Our Lives

What did we do

Care experienced children worked with The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation and directed research that informed national guidelines

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Add other important experiences or identities

young parents


What do you try to change?

We tried to make sure that children and young people’s ideas were at the heart of the new guidelines on how professionals should work with care experienced children and young people

What do you want other people to do to help?

The ideas from our research have been fed into the guidelines. We want people to now follow the guidelines. You can read them here

  • evidence

    We found out about the things that care experienced children and young people think will help create hope and support in their lives. You can watch the video here You can read the summary of our report here
  • advice

    What do you suggest other people try out?

    We looked at what other children had written and used their ideas to write recommendations

    Tell us your advice on doing participation activities - what worked well, what you enjoy, what is inclusive?

    We used a group activity and interviews to collect ideas from children and young people. This involved imagining creating a film and then choosing the music, the colours, the moods and feeling of wellbeing. Then we talked about what might help make this happen for other children.

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