The Second Child Rights Report

What did we do

A participatory project in which almost 3000 children all over Germany as experts shared their opinions, views and evaluation of whether their rights are being respected in their every-day lives. The final report included survey results, many child-led individual projects, drawings and conversations from children in nurseries and was part of the official reporting to the United Nations. (English Report can be found there)

Contact: Jonas Deitert, National Coalition Germany (

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What do you try to change?

We tried to raise awareness about the situation of child rights in Germany. We wanted to show that children are experts in their own lives and have strong opinions. We wanted for politics to look at the issues children are complaining about and change them. The next step after the process of finishing the report was to have a meeting with the UN Commission on the rights of the child where a delegation of 10 children discussed the issues with the Commission. As a next step the government will be involved and report to the UN about their progress

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    Tell us what you found out - what were people's experiences, views or ideas for change?

    I enjoyed the direct interviews and conversations with children and also to help them setting up their own projects. I tried to include children in the planning of the whole project, which is quite difficult. It was very important for children to know exactly what they are taking part in and what is going to happen after they participated.
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